Refurbishment of a house at El Carmen

  • Construction year: 2018

  • Area: 183 m2

  • Site area: 741 m2

  • Location: Club de Campo El Carmen.

  • Client: Privado

  • Project: Esteban Fallone



          This is a refurbishment project of a house from the 80s at El Carmen, a private neighborhood in Buenos Aires. We worked to adapt this house's aesthetic, technology and functionality to our present time and to fit its new owners. Our project submitted a new palette of materials and modern colours with enough sobriety to survive fashion trends. To carry out the construction as quickly as possible there are no structural changes. Only simple interventions and fundamental repairs take place. Design includes the removal of incompatible construction aggregates and incorporates custom furniture. New Coatings, sanitaries, lighting, air conditioning and windows replace old ones.  New technologies for better confort and a higher quality of life.

Casa en El Carmen 10BCasa en El Carmen 10B
Doble 1Doble 1
Casa en El Carmen 28 (16:9)Casa en El Carmen 28 (16:9)
Doble 2Doble 2
Casa en El Carmen 23 16:9Casa en El Carmen 23 16:9
Casa en El Carmen 37 (16:9)Casa en El Carmen 37 (16:9)
Doble 3Doble 3
Casa en El Carmen 1 (16:9)Casa en El Carmen 1 (16:9)