Decade of the crappy instant

        If you pay enough attention you will realize we are in a consumerist time. We buy new things to feel better, we believe that we deserve expensive stuff and that if we had more money we would have more and better things. Another Car, another House, other clothes. We worship things, we wish them, we stand in long queues to buy them because we see them as progress. But it is like going steps up in a never ending unreal stair [Escher].

          I miss my grandparent's old school habits. They used to cultivate vegetables on their orchard, bake bread, polish their shoes and fix their things. Baking your own bread is a more intense experience than taking a slice of supermarket one from a bag like the one that wraps your toilet paper. Ground coffee has a unique smell long before becoming a beverage, instant coffee instead is crap. No more description needed. Accepting brands as elements of desire or status and believing they represent us is fraud. The speed of this internet age dropped coffee's quality, killed experience and convinced people that having an expensive car is better than having a clean one.

        I'm not denying our time, just proposing to value processes like squeezing a couple of oranges for your juice. Sit down and listen to a full album from start to finish, taking the time and making that moments better quality ones. Give it a try and think of time as the most valued currency, the only one valid to adquiere interesting stuff. Of course I suggest not investing it on crapy experiences from this internet era of shitty instants. Change those fractions of slight attention for more extensive and higher quality experiences. Receive calm and simplicity in exchange for anxiety and frustration. Today too many things take tiny bits of your attention on things that you don't care that much about. Just try to remember what you saw on Instagram last week and then the most important things that happened to you in the last two years. Now put them on an imaginary scale. You don't even know what to put in one side. This fractions of distractions sum up a considerable amount of time so you better pay attention to avoid spending a lot of it on things you don't really care. I think its better to value the experiences of making and caring at least the same ass buying and replacing, or scrolling and “Liking”. Consider the alternatives for using that sum of instants in larger moments. Maybe, a good place to start is putting dedication and some love on the next cup of coffee you prepare to yourself .