Courtyard House

  • Project year: 2016

  • Area: 437 m2

  • Site area: 968 m2 

  • Location: Hudson, Buenos Aires

  • Client: Private

  • Architect: Esteban Fallone 


          This house lies on a rectangular site with great views of a golf field at the back. The project is structured in to two volumes of different height next to one another. The taller one contains the bedrooms upstairs and social areas below. While the lower one has the garage, services, a central courtyard and barbecue area.  In Argentinian culture the barbecue area is known as "Quincho" and has a major social role in a typical house.  Our clients considered very important this space to encounter with friends and family, so the Quincho in this project has great views, an independent access and straight relation with the pool area.

          The project intends to be hermetic to neighbors while generating pleasant introverted situations.  It has a central courtyard and guides users into a gradual journey through a semi-covered walkway before entering the house. Once inside, the best views were carefully framed by windows that cut through 1 meter thick walls.  This design has a very sculptural look, an efficient solar protection and makes interiors invisible from the outside.  

          Because function is key to us, all spaces have cross ventilation and natural lighting.  We intended to design a house with simple classic architecture where function and beauty are elegantly balanced.

Casa Patio - Frente 2Casa Patio - Frente 2
Casa Patio - FrenteCasa Patio - Frente
Casa Patio - lateral (velvia -100)Casa Patio - lateral (velvia -100)
Casa Patio - ContrafrenteCasa Patio - Contrafrente
Casa Patio - Contrafrente 3Casa Patio - Contrafrente 3
Casa Patio - Contrafrente 2Casa Patio - Contrafrente 2