• Project year: 2013

  • Area: 306 m2

  • Location: Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Client: District Competition for CAPBA2 New Headquarters.

  • Architects: Esteban Fallone, Carolina Mattera, Mariano Seta.




          This building is entirely cladded with corrugated white steel sheets.  A double height corridor is the main space for internal organization.  The corridor also officiates as access hall, waiting  room and expositions areas whilst connecting other services. Functions are distributed in two different packages.  Downstairs the  offices and the permissions sector, while on the top floor two classrooms and a small living room.

          The project keeps much of the existing house structure adapting and extending it for its new purpose. We believe that our proposal resolves the needs in a rational, economic and efficient way.  At the same time it offers an attractive, stimulating and useful place for its community.  We Think a strong architecture is important for the identity of this institution and it can motivate the adherence new members.

CAPBA D2 Sede QuilmesCAPBA D2 Sede Quilmes