Masterplan action park banner bnMasterplan action park banner bn
  • Action Park Masterplan


  • Year: 2017

  • Site area: 109.263 m²

  • Location: Hudson, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Client: Privado

  • Architect: Esteban Fallone 




Our client wanted to develop an action park in an area surrounded by private residential neighborhoods.   The programme included traditional and contemporary sports mixed up with virtual and action games.  We proposed to "glue" everything up with social spaces for people to meet and interact.  Because social is key, we added cultural offer with a stage for live performances and some containers to be used as food trucks. This activities packed together aim to become a social center for a young audience.   Diversity will will encourage users coming back for new experiences and with enough things to do all day long.

A pedestrian path connects all activities longitudinally varying its width and form according to the activities nearby. This road is the place to meet, chat, walk and relate to nature.  The path arrangement is easy to understand and encourages visitors to walk the hole park.  The majority of buildings proposed are containers over pilotis so that they can change location if needed.  Pedestrian and vehicular paths were planned with different types of gravel to preserve a wild nature feel plus the obvious sustainability benefits.

Masterplan Predio HudsonMasterplan Predio Hudson
Masterplan Predio Hudson 3Masterplan Predio Hudson 3
Masterplan Predio Hudson 2Masterplan Predio Hudson 2