Estacion Bernal 3Estacion Bernal 3

Bernal's Train Station

  • Year: 2015-2017

  • Construction area: 2.330 m2

  • Site area: 17.400 m2 

  • Location: Bernal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Architects:  Esteban Fallone & Daniel Buono 



               We present this urban project to the comunity looking forward to discuss it with our collegues and neighbors. The aim is to develop and improve the city in which we live in without changing its essence. Our work was carried out within an architectural heritage framework with special emphasis in Argentinian railway's history.

                We designed the station's urban platform using reasonable means and available technologies to support and connect all the Bernal's existing cultural, commercial and gastronomic offering.  Because public space is key to this, we added tons of places to sit, chat, meet or simply be: spaces to encourage neighbor's relations, pride and identity. Beyond solving the tangible problems, this is a framework to live the city in a more friendly and pleasant way.  We must take responsibility and improve our cities to leave positive traces of our time for those who will come.

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