Hueso is a design & animation studio that houses work ranging from graphics to corporate and product design. This is the second studio we designed for Hueso, this time it reflected their story of growth. Our aim was giving their creatives a powerful frame to talk about their work and highlight their identity.

In the original project many things were designed as loose, dismountable and modular elements to be able to adapt them to other spaces.  With this strategy, we added new modules to the existing ones, but always as complementary elements and looking to avoid any mimetic repetition.   This growth maintaining a common language is evident on sofa, shelving and work table.

The elements in the composition are simple but very specific. A plan chest completes the work table, black shelves extend the length of wooden ones, golden paint complements grey of the coffee tables and felt adds contrast to the velutti on the sofa.  Different materials that play with each other.

We achieved a rectangular plan shape by adding an expanded metal structure on one side, and on the other, a wooden bench all along the existing balcony. The lighting was designed specifically for each use case and each of the four different walls that play unique role in this project. 

Finally, yes, obviously you get to Hueso by bike.  But also, we believe that the quality of things and the possibility of reusing them should play a more important role in sustainability matters.

Construction Year: 2021
Location: Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires.

Area: 56 m²
Client: Hueso

Project Team: Jimena Marrano + Esteban Fallone
Photographs: Fernando Schapochnik