Hueso is a design & animation studio gathering the finest creatives working for brands & artists. This multidisciplinary office is set in a modern building at the heart of Palermo Hollywood. Everyday it houses work ranging from graphics to corporate and product design.

The project was tailored for the client’s requirements and regarding openness, comfort and looks. This envisioned creative atelier had the need of enclosed rooms which resulted in a layout connected by the agency’s prints and objects.

Furniture plays a key role organizing the workspace and enhancing the meeting room with powerful personality. In contrast, the project’s lightning and an MDF shelving over a black wall transforms space into an ever-changing mood board. Interior design consisted in giving Hueso a powerful frame to talk about their work and highlight their identity.

Construction Year: 2018
Location: Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

Area: 50 m²
Client: Hueso

Project Team: Jimena Marrano + Esteban Fallone