The house is in close relationship with the lagoon, it’s linked from the kitchen (the heart of the home) to the water through a longitudinal plane that dominates and emphasizes the landscape. The kitchen, grill, and living room are integrated into one single space that can be indoors or outdoors as required. The space is formed by two thick side walls that contain storage, machines, and equipment. A white prism rests on these walls, containing the private area of the house that opens to the best views.

The house can be accessed from the street through a glass pergola for parking that creates a sense of privacy, a wide arrival, and a transition space from indoors to outdoors.

The project is characterized by the integration of the house with the landscape, a close relationship with the water, and the use of a simple and effective language.

Construction Year: 2021 – on going.
Location: Villalobos, Buenos Aires.

Area: 254 m²
Site Area: 862 m²

Project Team: Esteban Fallone + Jimena Marrano