Project Year: 2020

Location: Guaraní, Misiones.

Area: 182 m²

Site area: 320.000 m²

Project: Rodrigo Marcos

Collaborators: Esteban Fallone & Jimena Marrano

 “The houses that some of us dream of and want to make come true, far from being museums or mausoleums, will be free and wide spaces, full of light. They will be built on affordable land by architects who will make logic their main instrument.”

“They will be beautiful houses. Designed to think, to talk, to love, to inhabit, to live. Like a piece of heaven on earth.”

This project is inspired by this excerpt from La idea construida, the essence of it’s architecture is based on these premises. A simple, clear and powerful architecture. With a Fast and reliable construction system.  A shelter to live harmoniously within nature.