The house is located in an amazing terrain next to a row of 30 meter heigh eucalyptus trees. It’s a single floorplan with functions grouped in 3 different volumes connected by a glazed passage. The project occupies the site’s entire width and due to its layout, it achieves internal privacy with plenty natural light.

 It is made of reinforced concrete, glass, black aluminum elements and all the rest is nature.  The material palette works as a complement of the surroundings, it needs the green of the leaves, plants and grass to achieve harmony. The project’s aesthetic power lies in being a frame for life in a natural environment. Concrete in addition of being a very expressive material, requires low maintenance and ages in noble way.

A clear palette of materials and a set of design rules that reveal some of the structural elements result in a bold architectural language.

Construction Year: 2022 – on going.
Location: La Plata, Buenos Aires.

Area: 186 m²
Site Area: 800 m²

Project Team: Esteban Fallone + Jimena Marrano