This refurbished apartment is set in a 1970’s building at Palermo, surrounded by ​​parks, cafes and full of city life. The original unit was too fragmented for its size and had almost no sunlight. We proposed to rearrange the floor plan by inserting 2 wooden blocks and a new window. The first block arranges the kitchen, laundry, heater and storage.  In front of it, the second block organizes a shelf for books and records, more hidden storage and a folding bed for guests. In between the blocks we installed the biggest window possible to let sunlight in.

Where there were three spaces now there is one, but bigger, more versatile, organized and better lit.

The project was tailored to take advantage of every inch available by organizing functions to create open and well lit spaces. The material palettes were carefully studied to combine with each other to avoid monotony and resulted in a fresher and more spontaneous look.

Construction Year: 2020
Location: Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Area: 42m²

Project team: Jimena Marrano + Esteban Fallone