House at El Alfalfar

  • Construction year: 2017 – 2019
  • Area: 501 m2
  • Site area: 968 m2
  • Location: Club de Campo Abril, Buenos Aires


This house lies on a rectangular site with great views of a golf field at it’s back. The project is structured in to three volumes on top of each other. The first one is a reinforced concrete box half-buried underground, above it a semi-transparent wooden box, and on top of all a white box containing the bedrooms. Large balconies frame the amazing views whilst provide sun protection during summer.

An exterior travertine platform with stairs connects the garden, the pool, the barbecue area and the golf field.

The house’s architecture has high precision construction details but a simple scheme. Private spaces are upstairs in the white volume and public activities take place in the lower levels.  We intended to design a house with simple classic architecture where function and beauty are elegantly balanced. The combination of concrete, glass, travertine and wood looks forward to achieve harmonic elegant aesthetics.

Project Gallery