Lawyer’s Studio

  • Construction year: 2011
  • Area: 30 m2
  • Location: Microcentro, Buenos Aires.


         A young lawyer requested us to design his new office in an old studio located in an early 20th century building.  We wanted Architectural Heritage to coexist with the belief that we must build according to the time that we live in.  So we removed ornaments and moldings and the true architectural quality of the space became crystal clear .  This action highlighted ceiling’s height, the quality of its wooden floor and carpentry.  Natural sunlight came to foreground thanks to the white walls bared of ornaments.  Whilst a full height mirror cover a complete wall making the office feel and look twice as big.

We designed custom furniture with a palette of materials inspired by permanence in time. Sobriety and elegance determined the use of dark woods, leather upholstery, black objects and chairs.

Finally we framed the existing window with a very thick wall making a floor to ceiling niche.  Inside it we placed a full height curtain to regulate the entrance of natural light whilst highlighting the verticality of the space.  This illuminated background frames a large custom desk creating a movie like scenography for the user of the executive chair.

Project Gallery