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2018/10/22 -  Interior design for hueso's headquarters, a design & animation studio gathering the finest creatives working for brands & artists. This multidisciplinary office is set in a modern building at the heart of Palermo Hollywood.  Everyday it houses work ranging from graphics to corporate and product design.  Furniture by Margen.

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Sitework Progress

2018/08/23 - This is a refurbishment project of a house from the 80s at El Carmen, a private neighborhood in Buenos Aires. We worked to adapt this house's aesthetic, technology and functionality to our present time and to fit its new owners. Our project submitted a new palette of materials and modern colours with enough sobriety to survive fashion trends.

Margen: our furniture brand

7/20/2018 - We launched our modern design Argentinian furniture brand. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to know more!

Colaboration with Acca Software!

10/15/2017 -  We are very grateful to Acca Software for promoting their BIM Edificius with a video on our project of the House at Los Cisnes.  This colaboration makes us very happy!

Construction video

9/15/2017u00a0- u00a0Footage from the construction process of this project from our studio. u00a0Building a house is a long process, but it creates a landmark in people's life.

Sitework Progress

6/19/2017u00a0- We began the construction of a new House. u00a0Once againu00a0pushing the limitsu00a0!

Bernal's Train Station

7/7/2017u00a0- u00a0Together with Daniel Buono we present thisu00a0urban project (link)u00a0to the comunityu00a0looking forward to discuss it with our collegues and neighbors.

Hello New Studio !

04/06/2017 - Great things are coming! We have a new studio and we were published in the anniversary issue of the Espacio & Confort Magazine.

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Colaboration Gianluca Fallone

12/10/2016 -  Gianluca is a renowned Art & Creative Director and this time he did some awesome visualisations of a variety our house projects.  In his work the characterisation of the houses are the ones of a story book: They have a season, a time in the day and a story to tell.  Gianluca's site

11/15/2016 - Esteban has been elected as member of the District Competition Jury of the Architect's Organization at Buenos Aires.  Thanks to all the colleges that gave him their support.

Photos on Vocerito's covers

Three of Esteban's photos were featured as covers for different editions of this local magazine!

Flickr | El Vocerito

Rd2 Magazine Issue 78

06/07/2016 - We are happy and grateful to CAPBA D2 for publishing the " Casa en Los Cisnes" in the current issue of the RD2 Magazine. In this Link you can access the free digital version (Check out page 158!)

RD2 Issue 78 Online

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Let's break down some walls!

12/14/2015 - Beginnings are great! Today we started working on the renovation of an old apartment in Palermo; within minutes, old walls began falling down to lead to the new architecture for today's ways of living.

Other Projects & Posts

Previous Logs

A new House is born !

07/08/2015 - Construction ends and the house comes alive.

Architectural Design V | Class of 2015

08/24/2015 - " ( ... ) The true merit of every good architect is not about having a good idea, but being able to overcome the many difficulties that the idea is going to be facing. In first place the client and it’s fears, but then the planning regulations, licenses, money, machines, etc. We must achieve compliance with everything and everyone without distorting the initial idea too much.  That requires constant reflection on what we are looking for, against whom we fight, what we have and what is wrong. I think that this process of continuous reflection is the most important thing that the student has to learn ( ... ) "- Alberto Campo Baeza.

An architect should have a vast education and willingness for continuous learning and reflection, we hope we have encouraged this excellent students to go in this direction! 

Barbecue tradition !  

04/25/2015 - A photo taken with many of the people working at the construction site of Los Cisnes House after a typical argentinian “asado”. Good times at work!

Colón Theater Photos

05/15/2015 - Pictures of Esteban's visit to the theater with friends and colleagues of Historical Buildings (Catholic University of La Plata).


Le Parc Lumière

04/10/2015 - Footage from Esteban's visit to Le Parc Lumière at Malba, art work from the Argentinian Julio Le Parc. Music by Arcade Fire.

Vimeo Channel


Mention in CAPBA2's photography competition

12/05/2014 - One of my photos got a mention in this photography competition of "tanks, towers and viewpoints”.  It's a Black and white shot at the "Pejerrey Club Quilmes"  with a short micro 4/3 tele.  Taken on march 2014.

CAPBA2 /  My Flickr